Chandrababu appeal to engineering students

rp_naidu-295x300.jpgAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu appealed the farmers to make use of rain gun technology .

Farm ponds (పంట సంజీవని) under MNREGS scheme in progress in ANdhra Pradesh, Addressing officials through a teleconference from Kuppam in Chittoor , He appealed to engineering students to conduct a survey of crops under dry spell mitigation programme to save standing crops in four districts of Rayalaseema.

CM said that all universities should take up dry spell mitigation as a case study. Students should study the necessity of farm ponds and usage of rain guns in drought-prone areas.

CM said farmers of 15 lakh acres in Rayalaseema are ready to use rain guns and officials should supply rain guns to protect the crops. He appealed to protect the standing crops by successful implementation of drought mitigation programme using rain guns and farm ponds.

CM expressed desire that AP should stand as a role model in implementing Panta Sanjeevani and usage of rain gun technology.