Chandra Babu to be Chief Minister for Telangana

Today all party meeting on formation of Telanagana its Telugu Desam party which got huge mileage and was in limelight from this meeting.

Except KCR, all other parties have welcomed TDP’s stand on this issue . KCR who came out of the meeting said Congress, TDP & YSRCP are against Telaganana and called for a Bandh tomorrow. Where as all the other parry representatives including BJP leader Kishan Reddy welcome TDP stand .

Conghress MP, Madhu yashki going a step head said, After formation of Telanagana Chandra babu Naidu might have chance to become the Chief Minister of Telangana. This statement brought smiles to TDP cadre and they all celebrated. This statement from Congress MP tell some hidden agenda in 2014 elections .