Chakri’s family on road fighting for House

Although music director charkripassed away in 2014, but the property crisis still continues .

Chakri’s mother Vidyavathi and physically disabled brother Mahit Narayan sat in front Varun Swargam Villa in Ameerpet, demading the tenant Madhavi to vacate the house for not paying the rent for last few months.

Since the music director’s death, Chakri’s wife and family have been fighting over this property. it is learnt that the Chakri’s wife, Sravani sold all the property and is in USA. Even the above mentioned house is on Sravani’s name and rental agreement was made with Charkri’s mother.

Chakri’s mother Vidyavathi said, She has no source of income other than 15k pension of her husband and told that she is also paying loan for the above house.