Chakri new technique to control FAT

‘Fat’ growing in mind has no control or control-pill until something knocks you to ground, especially in tinsel town. But, this music director’s fat is not that. Any Guesses? It’s simply cholesterol!
Off late, increasing body weight has become a big concern for music director Chakri. You need a piece of mind to create soothing music and offers are trimming down for this talented music director these days. Everything got interlinked finally to his ‘weight issue’ and he is now working on that. ‘Earlier he used to have a low opinion about exercise and gym. Eating meat and alcohol intake is his passion and that resulted in big-frame.
Now he has changed’, an insider revealed. Chakri is now seen in a ‘swamy deeksha’, where he needs to control his alcohol and excessive food habits for a couple of months. This is enough to bring him back from abnormalities and it will sort out bumps in his music career too, says a critic. He is presently coming up with RaNa’s ‘Naa Ishtam’ and the music is already out to enthrall melody lovers.