CGR Trailer gives Terrific impact !

Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Milky beauty Tamanna starrer ‘Caneraman Gangatho Rambabu’ under Puri Jagannath direction film’s first theatrical trailer released today and it created a terrific impact with fans and movie lovers raving about it.

The trailer highlights media and it thoroughly mesmerised mega fans. The one minute long teaser shows Power Star Pawan Kalyan reacting to news reported in media and swinging into action for justice. Tamanna will be seen following him with camera. All this high voltage action takes place in the backdrop of chorus ‘Rambabu’ and it ends showing ‘HE IS NOT COMMON MAN’…’HE IS COMMON MAN’S HERO’.

Though the teaser presented ‘Cameraman’ in cool look fans will be disappointed as there are no Puri’s trade mark punch dialogues echoed powerfully by Power Star. Many were expecting film makers to come up with popular dialogue ” NENU PICTURE LOKI VASTHE OPPOSITION PACK UP AYIPOVALSINDEY..BABU.. RAMBABU”. However it did not turn out to be. But film makers emerged successful in creating an impact just like the first teaser in which they came with Pawan kalyan and Tamanna’s duet song Nee nagumome extraordinary’ song was in extraordinary manner.