CGR status: Records at USA, No Records at Domestic

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s latest sensation “Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu ” makes a big way at USA box office with record number of releases on OCT 18, The premiers are also in record number of location on Oct 17th.

Pawan’s CgR is the biggest release ever made in USA till now 71 Prints ( 54 Digital + 17 35MM print) with more than 80 locations. Previous record was just 52 locations, but due to heavy demand from overseas viewers and also the movie got U/A censor report with positive buzz from all corners .USA distributors going for record premiers  with double ticket prices.

Meanwhile, At domestic market CgR  yet to get record number of theaters , In Nizam so far only 202 theaters confirmed. Only 2 days to release,will it cross  at least 280 count ? is real biggest question for its distributor . Rebel was released in 267 theaters and Mahesh’s Businessman released in 291 theaters for the first day. Advance booking is in full swing with some websites like Easy movies started its online booking, tickets are sold like hot cakes .

Directed by Puri Jagannadh, CGR is one film in Telugu Cinema, which received a hit talk much before the release of the film. The received U/A from the censor board. If news is to be believed, censor board had all praises for Puri for bringing out such an amazing movie. CGR is most likely to wash out earlier records in Tollywood to create its own record