CGR movie screening stopped by Telangana Agitators

Protesting against the Pawan Kalyan’s “Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu” film on the name  Telangana today, scores of students and TRS workers stormed movie theatres running the films has forced a bandh.

Amrutha theatre, Hanumakonda  where movie  was being screened was Stopped.  TRS leaders barged into these theatre and  started protest. Later, they warned the managements against screening the films.

TRS leaders pulled down the flexi banners of the films and consigned them to flames raising slogans against director Puri Jagannath. They urged the people to reject the films featuring all actors supporting an integrated Andhra Pradesh. They said, Puri has trying to favour criminal YS.Jagan showing some scenes against his political rivals and wantedly penning some dialogues against agitations which indirectly refer Talangana agitation. Puri earlier made a movie called “Andhrawala” and show his united Andhra feelings.

Meanwhile, In Hyderabad Aradhana theater in Tarnaka  was attacked by Students of Osmania  University and stopped screening the movie, They demanded removal of controversial dialogues from the movie immediately. And the protests started to spread with the news that movie has turned controversial. Report from Warangal say, Kakatiya University are planning for a massive protest to stop screening of the movie.