CGR Movie Highlights !!

CGR Movie Highlights !!
  • Pawan kalyan entrance is main highlight for the movie. He enter’s with orange colour dress with Rod. 
  • First fight with rowdy gang his another highlight for the movie.(in that fight puri elevates pawan kalyan’s mannerism)
  • First song(joramochindi) and melikal song visuals at peaks.  pawan  dance attracts audience in joramochindi song.
  • Mechanic converts into press reporter scene is another highlight for the movie.
  • Comedy track between ali and pawan and comedy track between darma varapu subramanyam and thamana is best comedy scenes for the movie.
  • Thamana looking gorgeous in the movie.
  • dialogues before interval is highlight for the movie.(best dialogues in puri career)
  • interval bang is highlight.(without twists)
  • prakash raj done a good job.
  • kota comedy punches like, ee TV edavalu ela tayarayyarante.. Politicians ni prasantham ga vyabhicharam kuda cheskonivvatledu nakodukulu is highlight for the movie.
  • In pilanu chustey pk done agreat job with signature moments
  • Thamana acting in 2nd half is another highlight for the movie.(for the 2nd half action,thamana definitely receives nandi award)
  • Pawan Fight with hijras in 2nd half is another highlight for the movie.
  • At pre climax there is a wonder full and power full dilouges.
  • Taladinchuku song at climax is heart for the movie.(in that song pawan kalyan looks so powerfull)