CgR Item song disappoints

An item song is meant to be very energetic on all levels. One good item song can do wonders to the fate of a film. Hence the filmmakers never compromise on canning an item song in the best possible way. Somehow Puri Jagannadh failed to make the item song in Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu click. He has released 90 secs trailer of this song which didn’t possess energy. The song itself is weak and sounds like a B grade one. Puri Jagannadh canned it in a cheap style. The grandeur is missing and the item girl Scarlett Wilson looks very bad in those costumes. She is completely out of place and Pawan Kalyan’s dances lacked the energy. Sources say that this is the first song in the film and we have to hope that it has a very good lead scene to set right mood.

Kevvu Keka song from Gabbar Singh was grand and had the catchy tune. Rambabu’s item is neither good on ears nor on eyes. Moreover showing away more than half of the song is not a great idea. At least is should help to bring down the expectations on this song if there are any.