CGR for Complete Ban ?

Pawan Kalyan “Cameramna Gangatho Rambabu ” situation still worsened in Telangana today with TRS party demanding for complete Ban on the movie. The movie is screens in only 30 theaters at Hyderabad , rest of the theaters were closed with a fear of TRS . While Pawan Kalyan fans who met at Chiranjeevi Blood Bank urged that CGR is not a film to hurt any regions feelings and Pawan always supported the cause of Telangana.

TRS party held a press meet today and its leaders said , “We are not going to accept the removal of scenes from the movie , but we have objection on the complete plot of the movie itself. The movie complete story is a target on Telangana Movement . And we demand complete Ban on the movie in this region”.

Meanwhile the committee formed by government to submit the report on the movie is watching the movie now and report will be submitted by evening. Director Shankar and Journalist Allam Narayan of  ‘Namasthe Telangana ‘ have walked out of the committee for getting warning calls from Pawan Kalyan fans. With this it is likely that Rambabu might face the same fate that some of the Telugu movies have faced earlier.