CGR – First premier show report from UK

Pawan Kalyan’s  Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu’  world first premier show was started 1 hour back and now its interval time.

According to reports ,

First half of the movies goes like how Pawan Kalyan joined media and how Tamanna finds kalayan and what is the main reason to join in media. Ali plays a TV channel manager. CGR is good  with less punch dialogue and Tammanah was superb acting before going to interval. In  First half altogether 3 fights and Second fight superb.  Comedy between Thammana and pawan was good.

Super  Dialogue: Manam top nunchi padese type kadhu.. Top lepe type……

Sc,st,bc students oke school lo chasuvutubte hostels matram sep enduku.naku teliyali…..

Last 20 minutes Climax is really awesome.

Positive reports from UK.. One more blockbuster from Pawan Kalyan