Censor board officer caught by CBI while taking Bribe

bribeAfter ACB, Its Central Bureau of Investigation’s turn to catch red-handed a guilty while taking a Bribe.

Going by media reports, The CBI officials had caught the Central Board of Film Certification board officer Srinivas Rao while taking 10,000 bribe for a film ‘Andala Chandamama’ in Hyderabad.

Srinivas Rao has reportedly demanded 1 lakhs ransom bribe for giving clean ‘U’ certificate for a movie . The filmmakers have informed the same to CBI and he was caught red handed .

The filmmaker PVR Prasad said, Initially, he has approached ACB department , who in turn recommended to approach CBI as the Censor Board officer is of IAS cadre. He said, the censor officer was demanding 1 lakh per film and earns 1 crore per month by censoring 3 films a day.  When Prasad argued that his film is a small film and he cannot accommodate theaters because of big films like Baahubali. The censor officer advised him to pray GOD so that Baahubali turns into a flop.

With Revanth’s  cash for vote incident, people have got awareness to inform the agencies to fight against the corruption and