CC TV visuals expose Ravela’s Son Susheel

susheelAndhra Pradesh social welfare minister Ravela Kishore Babu’s son Ravela Susheel,who was booked for even teasing a muslim women , has condemned the charges against him.

Ravela Susheel posted on Facebook stating “Dear friends, I m here to tell you the actual truth.The events which are being portrayed in the news channels are completely made up and totally false.That afternoon on our way down from my quarters I stopped my vehicle suddenly as soon as I saw a little puppy crossing the road in front of my car. As I am really fond of pets I went and picked it up after which the lady who was near the vehicle without any specific reason started abusing and shouting. Even before I could react she created a scene because of which people started gathering. She misused the situation and misled the crowd because of which they lost control and started manhandling me. The incident was resolved yesterday itself but it was stretched till this evening. The crowd joined hands with unknown people whose only intention was political vengeance.This incident is a cruel act by our political opponents. Please do not give in to the false news.Yours-Ravela Susheel” (sic).

But the CC TV visuals tells different story, Ravela’s Son Susheel Stalked the Woman named fatima for a Kilometer and tried to drag her into the car.