CBN’s secret meetings @ Delhi

From the last year or so, a lot of focus has been on Chandrababu Naidu and his undying efforts to revive the Telugu Desam Party. The TDP is going through one of its worst possible phases and it has become more of a struggle for existence. And now another information has begun to make rounds.

Reports say that Chandrababu has been going through a round of secret meetings and this is in Delhi. Well, it is heard that he is meeting up few congress leaders in Delhi and trying to see what best can be done for his party. There are also talks that he has been hatching special moves against YS Jagan and his newly formed YSR Congress party.

Whether Chandrababu is doing anything in Delhi or not, one thing is clear. The situation of TDP is not that encouraging in Andhra Pradesh. The political observers feel that some revolutionary measures have to be taken by CBN to push TDP in the 2014 elections or else it will be curtains down for the party.