CBI JD Laxmi Narayana Exposed !!

CBI Joint Director Laxmi Narayana mobile call list has been exposed by YSRC party today to media which had some interesting facts and links to section of media.

Jagan’s and his media Sakshi implemented the same old formula of dragging others to mud pool in which they are fully dumped, Has started mudding  CBI JD Laxmi narayana who has a very clean image till now, As a part to bail out Jagn as the remand date is just 4 days away .  With no other way to get out of the case, Jagan’s gang  started its dirty politics on CBI JD. They have released a call list of his mobile which contains several calls to media persons including 386 calls to TV9, 142 calls to NTV, 153 calls to ABN and 300+ calls to some mobile number registered on name Vassi Reddy Chandra bala.

YSRC has demand government a through enquiry in this matter and expose the reasons for a CBI JD to have links with media people. But  as a matter of fact, This call list is of 6 months and as apart of duty he might have called to media ,even Sakshi does have contacts with top officials,  Says a top official.

Here is an interesting fact in whole episode , Sakshi who always leave no chance to blast at Eenadu  has showed it soft corner towards it by not taking its name in whole episode even though calls went to Eenadu group. Meanwhile, Eenadu has  stopped taking Jagan’s name on its front page for last few days.

Political observers say , This is part of  political game which is played by Congress big heads for its survival.  By 2014 , Jagan will back Congress or merge his party . TRS already sent signals of merging and of course Jagan will come out as hero. Already Jagan’s party increased its votes share to 32%  a recent survey says and Congress with Chiranjeevi has 26% vote share while TDP has 26% vote share TRS has 14%. With TRS,Congress and Jagan’s party shaking hands together in 2014 the vote share will be 72% + a comfortable winning zone in 2014 for them.

Laxminarayana phone numbers: 9441433444, 9441113444

Incoming/outgoing to tv9386 times
Incoming/outgoing to ABN:153 times
Incoming/outgoing to NTV:142 times
Incoming/outgoing to times:123 times
Incoming/outgoing to indian express:107 times
Incoming/outgoing to Eenadu:67 times and other Media
Incoming/outgoing to Vasireddy chandrabala473 and 328 calls