CBI enquiry into GabbarSingh Collections

Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh Producer Bandla Ganesh  in an exclusive interview to web media has denied the reports that Gabbar singh has crossed the 100 crore mark  stating that he was unaware of the reports.

As reported earlier Pawan Kalyan has given strict warning to Ganesh not to reveal any information about the GabbarSingh collections to any one,  Ganesh took it as an advantage and maintained distance with media on this regard. Inspite of  discretion from producer the media voluntarily engaged themselves to find the facts about the Gabbarsingh and with Daily Collections Report (DCR) they have come to an conculsion that Gabbarsingh has crossed 100 crore mark and has collected 128+ crores till june 1st. But suprisingly producer Ganesh denied the reports saying he was really unaware of  Gabbar Singh collecting 100 + crores when asked.

Meanwhile Mega fans are very irritated with Ganesh Babu’s attitude, They believe that Ganesh is making money by under reporting the collection and denying when national press reports the correct figures. One of the crazy mega fans even demanded for CBI( read as Correct Boxoffice Inquiry)  to bring correct collections figures. Lets see when they are going to publish the Gabbar singh records officially….