Cash-for-vote scandal may haunt Chandrababu Naidu

naidu-666It appears the cash-for-vote scandal may haunt Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu .

The special court has directed the ACB to reinvestigate the case by september 29th after Mangalagiri MLA A Ramakrishna Reddy with the help of a lawyer Sudhakar Reddy filed petition before ACB court along with the Forensic lab reports to confirm that the voice in the tapes is of Chandrababu’s. Since 15 months, ACB has not yet filed the charge sheet in the case, the court has directed to reinvestigate it.

ACB has records of telephonic conversation between Naidu and MLA Stephenson. It was submitted to court earlier. ACB officials had enough evidence to also prove Naidu had spoken to some TRS MLAs too over the phone to persuade them to vote for the TDP in the MLC polls.