Cash for Vote case is not Shelved : KTR

ktrTelangana IT Minister K.T Rama Rao claims that law will take its action in Cash for Vote case.

Speaking to HMTV KTR said, His government has not compromised with AP government in the case, the case is still in the court and investigations is going on. His government has not shelved the case or kept in cold storage.

He quoted example of Kasap saying, Indian judiciary took 6 years to hang Kasab , who was red handedly caught on CCTV . He said, in case o Cash for Vote , Law will take its own course of action and his government is not influencing the investigation process and said governments cannot influence the court procedures.

Earlier, KTR said that AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is trying to escape from the case even after being caught by ACB with proofs. KTR further faulted Naidu by saying that the later is trying to create this issue as a problem between two states .