Case booked on Ramanaidu’s grandson for attacking Raviteja

Hyderabad police booked a case against Cinema Mughal, Producer Ramamnaidu’s grand son Abhiram for his Rowdyism &, Attack on a engineer at Jubliee Hills police station.

For few days there was some difference of opinion between Engineer Ravi Teja and Abhiram , Abhiram on Friday morning went to  the engineer’s house , attacked him and police immediately reached the house and tried to subside him , But Abiram did not care them , pushed them and attacked the engineer Raviteja. The engineer was injured seriously and Abhiram left the place .

Knowing this information , Higher police official filed a case against Abhiram under sections 447, 223,342,506. Police is now in search of Abhiram who is absconding.