Can Puri encash Gabbar Singh Madness ?

Director Puri Jagannath has the knack of utilizing a hero’s charisma. He has done the same for Mahesh Babu. The superb commercial success of ‘Businessman’ has its reasons linked to the new found image of Mahesh Babu with blockbuster ‘Dookudu.’ Many agree that, Mahesh’s ‘Dookudu’ mania continued to ‘Businessman’ which got earth shattering opening collections yet failed to sustain for a minimum of 50 days run.

Now, Pawan stands on same platform like where Mahesh Babu stood post ‘Dookudu.’ With ‘Gabbar Singh’ proved as a voluminous hit all over, it’s quite interesting to see how Puri Jagannath deals Pawan’s new image for forthcoming ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Ram Babu.’  Obviously, Puri will be on big advantage because madness of ‘Gabbar Singh’ can easily drive ‘Ram Babu’ to hit shores. Of course, we do know about Puri’s jet speed taking and strict schedules with disciplinary production costs would keep the budget of ‘Ram Babu’ with in the prescribed limits. But, let us hope…content wise ‘Ram Babu’ will not be as weak as ‘Businessman.’