Can Mahesh ‘s SVSC give him No:1 status?

Prince Mahesh Babu is one of the contenders for the No; 1 position in Tollywood , but will his next movie ‘Seethamma Vakotlo Sirimalle Chettu ‘ ( SVSC ) give him such a status?

Mahesh’s ‘Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ tends to be a family entertainer and also a multi starer , Mahesh cannot take the credit alone for the movie if it turns to be a hit. No doubt SVSC will be a hit as per pre-release talks but just a hit is not enough to declare hit a No: 1 star, Its has to break all the existing records genuinely (not by declaring). As History tells, Family entertainers doesn’t have the WOW factor to be Industry Hits. Mahesh dream to be the NO:1 might take some more time , if he proves that he can deliver a Industry Hit .
Meanwhile, Ramcharan is on full swing to take on this super star with a mass entertainer with pakka hit formula of dual role , but he cannot be called a No:1 strar with his 5 movie experience even if Naayak tends to be a Industry Hit.