Can Gabbar Singh escapes Shruti’s bad luck ?

Pawan Kalyan hopes to make a box-office killing with his much hypedGabbar Singh. The film has all the ingredients that can show Pawan at his stylish, swaggering best, be it twisted heroism or unconventional comedy. The audio already seems to be hitting the high note on FM radio stations.

But there is one catch. The film’s heroine Shruti Hassan doesn’t have a hit till date. All her films starting from Tamil to Hindi to Telugu have been duds at the box office. Her first direct film in Telugu Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu disappeared without a trace at the box office. Her recent release3 ended up in a whimper.

Gabbar Singh is her second straight film in Telugu. Sonakshi Sinha, who made her debut with this role in the original Dabangg, came across as fresh and that worked for her in the film.

Shruti doesn’t have that luxury now with six consecutive flops. Will Gabbar Singh be different? Can she create that magic which has been missing in all her earlier films?

Will Pawan Kalyan be able to tide over her string of failures to realize his dream run at the box office?