Can Eega fly to Top 3?

Rajamouli’s Eega is ready to release on July 6. Only few CG shots have to be finalized and it will be done in a couple of days. Now the focus has completely shifted to this film as trade expects it to be one of the biggest hits ever in the history of Telugu cinema. Eega is one of the most awaited films of the year for obvious reasons.

Brand Rajamouli and the international making standards are the reasons for this film to grab the attention of one and all. Eega is also one of the costliest films ever made in Telugu. If the film lives up to the hype and expectations, it has every chance to make it to the top grosser list. Can Eega make has stamina to fly to all time top 3 position? This is the question that is being widely discussed at the moment.

Already Gabbar Singh ready to occupy Rajamouli Magadheera place which is still at No:1 position with 78 crores followed by GabbarSingh around 76 crores ,Next Mahesh’s Dookudu with 56 crores, Ramcharan’s Racha (telugu version) with 53+ crores and Mahesh’s Businessman with 43+ crores. Through its a tough job for Eega to cross all these superhits but with Rajamouli brand any thing could be possible. Lets wait and see.