Can Eega escape from Spiderman’s web?

Rajamouli’s heavily sculptured Eega is ready hit the silver screen on July 6th confirmed but it would be a sucide atempt for his film.

Hollywood spectacular crazy project ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’  is all set to release on 29th june in india and 4th July in US.  The 2000 crores project will blast the Boxoffice with high quality Computer Graphics  and latest technology .  While there is a huge craze for this movie among public especially  kids and families who are fans of this super hero from years . Recently, ‘Avengers’  movie which belong to same genre of Spiderman ruled the boxoffice around globe by collecting $1.5billion which is a very encouraging news for Siperman.

And Rajamouli ‘Eega’ which is made on 30 crores budget with quality Computer Graphics with a routine predicted storyline, Without any popular star cast , With no mass elements or comedy, and Rajamouli looks as the only saving factor for the movie is making its way to clash with Spiderman at boxoffice. To a suprise, both Eega and Spiderman target same category audience.

According to US exhibitor, Eega might survive at indian boxoffice but at USA boxoffice it cannot stand before Spiderman as both films share same weekend, it’s hard to allot theatres for Eega which is releasing in Tamil and Telugu in US on same day. Presently, 70% of the theatres are already alloted for Spiderman while 30% left for other releases and for english movies which are running successfully. Even Rajamouli fans believe that Eega releasing at bad timing but have faith in his caliber . Lets see what happens….