Can Dhammu live up to expectations?

On a very positive note ,Tollywood which used to suffer losses is on right track  with Big hero’s stricking gold.

When Magadheera set records at such a high standard the trade pundits said it would take a decade to any film to cross such record but thanks to Mahesh who stuck with two block buster hits back to back which shocked the whole industry, at the same time they expressed a feeling that only Mahesh has the potential of creating records and no other heros does, within few months Ramcharan wipe out  the previous and set a new industry record.

Now its NTR’s turn to create a sensation with his new flick Dhammu  which is getting ready to release on 27th april has already got a positive talk after censor report and its expectation reached sky. Dhammu has all the elements that will make it a Hit film and with its huge expectations would stuck the bulls eye to create a new  tollywood record and live up to everyone’s expectations .