Can Dammu break the 1st day record?


Can NTR’s Dammu break the 1st day record which is set by Ramcharan Racha recently is the hot topic of discussion going on every corner, Its creating huge tension and nervousness among NTR fans especially.

Businessman had a rocking day 1 with more than 7 crores share in Andhra Pradesh alone. The first week collections of this movie were around 28 crores. Then Racha came and with this Ram Charan scored a massive blockbuster as the movie raked in record day 1 collections (8.5 crores) and also has set a new record for 1 week collections (30 crore+).

Now it is NTR’s turn to set the box office on fire. With so much hype and expectations surrounding the film and given its huge release, Dammu is likely to break day 1 record for sure. What will be Dammu’s first day collection in AP? Will it touch the magical number of Rs. 10 crore or will it end up in the 9 crore range? Can the film set a new record for 1 week collections too? Guys, get ready for a record breaking week at the box office. Dammu opens tomorrow!