C Kalyan calls Natti Kumar a Pichi Kukka

natti-kumar-c-kalyanTollywood producer C Kalyan finally responds to the allegations made by producer Natti Kumar over links with gangster Nayeem.

Kalyan referring Natti kumar as “Pichi Kukka” (mad dog) He said, when this government is investigating the Nayeem’s case , a pichi kukka is misguiding the government investigating. He urged the investigation officials to take Natti Kumar into their custody and invested him and ask Natti Kumar to produce evidences for all the allegations that he made against him and other persons associated with film industry.

He said, Believing Natti Kumar, he gave DVD of his film “Yeto vellipoyindi manasu” and Natti kumar’s son had uploaded his film on Youtube and later when it came to arrest, Natti begged him.

He alleged that, Natti Kumar had always blackmailed his heroes and he had started his career by blackmailing an actress of his first film by shooting her nude. He said, Natti has started his career with 3rd grade films.  He demanded the government to open a cell against Natti Kumar to known about Natti victims.