C-Fore pre-poll survey : Congress to retain power in Karnataka

rp_Siddaramaiah-300x230-1-300x230.jpgA C-Fore pre-poll survey has predicted the increased majority of 126/224 seats for Congress in the upcoming Karnataka assembly polls. This is higher than the 102/224 that TV9-Cvoter gave Congress in January. C-Fore predicts 70 seats for BJP and 27 for JD(S).

Pre-poll surveys, done by independent poll agencies and some commissioned by the Congress, claim that anti-incumbency is surprisingly low in the polls.

Surprisingly, Cong internal survey for Karnataka gives party 126 seats; BJP internal survey gives it 128 seats! JD S claims it will win 100 seats! Now decide who is winning or losing Karnataka.

In the above case, The Congress not only return to power in Karnataka but will also end up improving its tally in the 224-member Legislative Assembly.