Bypolls after effects : Chiranjeevi is Depressed and Distributed

With By polls results , Sources close to him reveal that  Chiranjeevi who was once the emperor of Tollywood is looked very depressed and disturbed. Chiranjeevi who was busy with Ram Charan’s  marriage was happy all the time till resulted was declared but results brought a endless void despite of his hardwork .

Chiranjeevi was star campaigner for this election worked very hard keeping all his assignments aside including Charan’s marriage. This election was crucial for every one including him as he is the face of future Congress  and only hopes for the party who can pull crowds . If he had brought good results he might have got some good reputition at high command and might have projected as future CM of AP. But with Jagan’s mania every thing got vanished , not even the Tirupati where Chiru was elected as MLA on Praja Rajyam ticket in 2009 ,And had resigned to be re elected for Rajya sabha. Meanwhile leaders of Praja rajam who are in congress claim that,  their cadres worked sincerly  for the success while Congress party cadre cross voted for Jagan .

This is an alarming situation for Congress as well as Chiru’s career as 2014 is not so far . Mr. Chiranjeevi remember one thing . Hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but improves its chances .