Bunny Vas criticism on Nandi Awards

bunnyThe Nandi Awards announced by the Government of Andhra Pradesh has now become a debatable subject in political and cinema circles.

There is criticism that the TDP government which in power in AP has shown partiality announcing the awards.The social media buzzed over the awards and most of them posted negative comments on social media saying anyone can decide to win the award by lobbying.

Allu Arjun’s Friend Bunny Vas, who is also close to the filmmaker’s mega compound has made a satirical remarks on this issue. Bunny Vas posted social media and immediately deleted the post. He posted “All Mega heroes should learn acting skills from TDP Government to achieve AP state awards.”

One guy on Twitter posted “Firstly the committee decided best actor award to Prabhas for baahubali.Later,Huge lobbying for 2015 best actor award by Star hero pro to overshadow recent disaster.”

Whatever may be the response , the awards team has worked hard to finalise the winner after watching all the films patiently without any partiality.