Bunny to become a daddy?

The next step after getting married is all about raising a family and even the celebrities are no exception to it. So that is one reason why many are now focusing on the stylish star Allu Arjun and activities on his personal front. Well, Bunny got married to his sweetheart Sneha Reddy quite a while ago.

Many are now speculating on when he is going to become a daddy. As of now, no one knows when he will become father. Some say maybe he is delaying because he feels if he becomes father he might get an uncle image. Few others say the love birds want to spend some more time with each other before welcoming a new member.

Whatever it may be, one thing is sure that the news about Allu Arjun and his fatherhood will surely spread a wave of cheer and excitement among his fans and others. Currently, Bunny has been slogging it out with his work and soon he would be seen in the new movie ‘Julaayi’.