Bunny not to experiment like Krishna

Super Star Krishna is the master of experiments in Telugu. He has not only introduced new technologies raising the standards of Tollywood but has shown the courage in taking up wide range of characters. Example being starting of a new trend in Telugu films by doing characters like that of James Bond. Later on few other heroes have tested on this James Bond heroism but could not succeed.

In this new era of films, Mahesh Babu is considered as the proud follower of his dad’s legacy and there was sincere request from Fans to try similar performances like James Bond. News about director Surender Reddy attempting the same with Mahesh has hit the headlines some time ago. Now there is a gossip on allu arjun and Surender Reddy’s project of a possible James Bond subject. Although there is no confirmation, many believe that allu arjun isn’t daring enough to experiment like Mahesh Babu’s dad.