Bruce Lee will become a biggest blockbuster : Srinu Vaitla

srinu-vaitlaDirector Srinu Vaitla has announced the release date of Bruce Lee The Fighter starring Ram Charan .

He said, the movie will hit screen on October 16 and the audition is on October 2nd. He thanked Ram Charan and other artists for completing the film in a stipulated time.

Charan plays a stuntman role in the film, who is a big fan of Bruce Lee. The tile “The Fighter” is included because the hero faces an extraordinary situation and comes out of it with fighting spirit.

He said, Chiranjeevi role is a surprise. It will be a teaser for Chiranjeevi’s 150th film. He said , it a god gift for him to showcase both Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi on screen. The role of megastar will be a fest for fans, the story of the film demands Chiranjeevi’s entry.

The film is a family action entertainer, Lavish and big scale. The movie will be in new format with enough entertainment. He said, Charan’s comic timing is very good and has suprised doing scenes with a ease. Bruce Lee will entertainer everyone and will become a biggest blockbuster, said Srinu Vaitla.