Brand Babu Movie Review

brand-babuMovie: Brand Babu
Actors: Sumantha Shailendra, Esha Reba, Murali Sharma, Poojitha Ponandha, Raja Ravindra, Satyam Rajesh, Venu, Sai Kumar. Prabhakar
Director: P. Prabhakar Rating 2.75/5


Entrepreneur Ratan (Murali Sharma) is his son Diamond Babu (Sumanth Shailendra) who has grown up using branded items since childhood. Babu wants to have a branded wife. Accidentally receives a message on his mobile and falls in love with Home Minster’s daughter (Pujita). He loves o have the brand of ‘Home Minister Alludu’ and gets ready for the wedding. But the ‘brand’ father and son duo receives a deadly shock during the engagement. What’s that shock? Diamond Babu lover is not Home minister’s daughter?


Actor Murali Sharma should be mentioned for his performance in the movie. His performance in the role of the foolish father who has brand loyalty was awesome. The comedy comes out of in his frustration. Murali gave a variety of gestures on his face. Sumanth Shailendra, who introduced to the Telugu screen through this film, did justice to his role. He has done well as a diamond babu with his experience in Kannada film industry. Esha Reba is a middle-class girl. Besides the hero, Venu and Saikumar have played as assistants. Poojitha, Rajaravendra, Satyam Rajesh and others have acted well.


Nowadays everyone is addicted to brands, Everything should be branded items including clothes, goods, and even toilet towels. People are giving more importance to brands than his close aides. This is the main plot of the film. They tried to show that goods are branded, but people and their love is not branded. It adds some entertainment to the audience.

In fact, we have seen such stories before. But with the ‘brand’ tag, it’s a new thing. But the director could not make the film so interesting that the audience could feel it. The comedy was entertaining in the name of the brand, but the main emotions were not adapted to the audience. There is no interesting scene in the movie except the scene before Interval.

The first part is the comedy, the director who has been stuck with Love Track, the second half was flat. Diamond Babu wedding video song with family members was good. It resembles the mining king Gali Janardhan Reddy ‘s video with his family members for his daughter’s wedding. Those who have seen the video will definitely laugh at the song in the movie. A fight in the climax was routine.


The makers tried to give a social message with the ‘brand babu’ film. No one has ever made such a trial. The people want to know what the brand mood of rich people will come to know from this film. You can even laugh at that madness.