Brahmanandam and his son realize time value

Brahmanandam-and-his-son-realize-time-valueAce comedian Brahmanandam’s son, Goutham might had realized the time value. He made his debut with ‘Pallakilo Pellikuthuru’ in 2004 took a gap of a decade to release his next film ‘Basanti’ in 2014, Both these films were flops.

Without wasting time , He is trying his luck in the third attempt with a film titled ‘Vadevadu’, which would complete by summer 2016. The film would be directed by debutant, Ramesh. the shooting will start in December.

Brahmanandam after losing opportunities might have realized  that he should had supported his son to settle down much earlier. If Goutham had settled as Hero , Brahmi would had more advantage for his filmy career.