Brahmana Corporation chairman attacks Ramana Dikshitulu

rp_ramana-dikshitulu-300x225.jpgAfter Tirumala head priest Ramana Dikshitulu alleges irregularities in TTD governance, he was terminated from services citing 65 years retirement.

Now Brahmana Corporation chairman Ananda Surya attacked Ramana Dikshitulu saying Ramana is making such remarks to malign Chandrababu government. He blamed that Dikshitulu performed poojas in YSRCP leader Bhumana Karunakar Reddy ‘s house.

Ananda Surya said IYR Krishnaravu, along with the YCP, Ramana Dikshutulu making such statements to target TDP and the CM. They are trying to misguide the devotees and other priests, and he will reveal priests personal affairs.