Boyapati’s mind games with Mahesh Babu

Director Boyapati  seems to be not in a mood  to leave the proposed project with MaheshBabu . He is trying his level best to lure Mahesh to accept the project as he already announced it publicly and has come up to play mind games to trap the super star.

Meanwhile  MaheshBabu is not at all showing any kind of  interest to work with Boyapati. If the reports are to be believed, that movie may not materialize ever. Sources close to superstar said that Mahesh Babu is not showing any interests in the script and is intentionally postponing the story sittings.It looks Mahesh has lost confidence in Boyapati with Dammu.

Boyapati is looking to this anticipated project to make a strong come back. He is throwing a new trick into MaheshBabu’s mind. MaheshBabu publicly shown interest in Industry records when Dookudu released. Now Boyapati is publicly announced that his movie with MaheshBabu will create a Industry record and elevate Mahesh to a new level. Let us see if MaheshBabu falls for director’s trick.