Boyapati turns ‘Love Guru’ for Ram Charan

Director Boyapati’s  turns into Love Garu for Mass Mega Power Star Ram Charan who turned into a full fledged Mass hero with his latest hit ‘Racha’. Boyapati Dammu is a well crafted action entertainer that failed at Box Office. Same is the case with over soar fruit ‘Orange’ movie turned to be a flop for Charan

Now combination is now going to come together and the latest update is that Boyapati wants to make a fresh love story. When a specialist love-story maker like Bhaskar made Orange with Charan could not impress the audience, What will this violent director Boyapati make now? Reports say that director is still to recover from Dammu effect and no takers for his violence so he is trying silly thoughts . latest news that Boyapati called upon Charan and narrated a love story line to him in a very unusual way and harsh voice Hope, Charan like it.

Critics say that this talented action-movie director should do something like Rajamouli but not change his genre, as that will shock the expectations of fans. Even though he makes a good film, expectations might orange away the hopes of Charan.