Boyapati to register title ‘Shake’ for Mahesh or Charan ?

Director Boyapati Srinu is considered as one man who knows the changing pulse of the mass in the right manner. Though not many understand from where he generates that self-confidence but the output has always been positive. That is one reason why he is considered in the league of S S Rajamouli.
Now, it is heard that Boyapati is planning to register an unusual title at the film chamber. It is called ‘Shake’. There is news that he also has plans to come up with projects starring Mahesh Babu and Ram Charan so it is not sure to whom the ‘Shake’ will be used.
Sources reveal that somehow Boyapati liked the title and feels that this will shake the masses and the box office. So, this director is planning to register it. Of course, there is always the option of transferring it to any other director if they put in a request so no harm in registering this.