Boyapati Srinu- Bigger Than SS Rajamouli?


S S Rajamouli is said to be number one director of Tollywood with all hits track record  However, there is another argument that it is not Rajamouli but Boyapati Srinu who is bigger. Well, this has become an interesting discussion lately.

The talk is that Boyapati has not scored a flop and all his films have been major hits at the box office. They add that though Rajamouli is said to have scored hits they were successful in a technical way. But the commercial success percentage is less.

And Boyapati goes with a strong commercial formula masala but Rajamouli is focusing more on variety and creating innovative genres. However, the other version is, Rajamouli has created more versatility in his success whereas Boyapati has become a registered trademark for mass potboilers.