Boyapati Ruler song becomes a laughing stock

Boyapati is greater than Rajamouli ?. All this was done only by watching the trailers of Dammu! But the film is out now and everyone gets to know the real talent of Boyapati Srinu in this film. He certainly has few strengths and could deliver a high voltage mass masala film if he gets the content right.

One thing is clear though! Boyapati is definitely not a Rajamouli. He doesn’t have the spark to elevate heroism and also can’t grab the pulse of audience like Rajamouli does. There are ample scenes in Dammu, where Boyapati utterly failed. Rajamouli might have done wonders with same content. Best example to highlight Boyapati’s weakness is the picturization of Ruler song. That song has been killed by Boyapati’s unimaginative direction. He couldn’t create a proper situation for such a powerful song. Same song in Rajamouli’s hands might have turned into an evergreen classic. For now, at Boyapati’s hands it has become a laughing stock!