Boyapati reacts on directing Chandrababu

boyapat-godavariTollywood director Boyapati Sreenu is facing criticism for being spotted along with AP CM Chandrababu Naidu during Maha Aarti Ceremony of Godavari pushkaralu. Allegations raised against the director that, he was there to give a extra milage to Naidu by giving directions as where to place the cameras and how to shoot the Aarti ceremony to make it look more elegant.

Refuting the allegations He said, Naidu idea was to make the Aarthi look more attractive and make feel auspicious for the devotees who watch the Aarti ceremony. Naidu called him two days before the start of Pushkaralu to help them to make the Aarati more colourful and grand for the people who watch it . He said, He made alterations of the stage to look more grand  by using umbrellas brought from Guntur and decorating them with rice lights.

He said, He returned to Hotel that night and took bath in Goutami Ghat on next morning . He denied reports of shooting a documentary . He felt happy for being part of this Godavari Pushkaralu.