Boyapati on mercy of Mahesh ,Ram Charan

Director Boyapati Sreenu  has messed up NTR’s Dammu and listed as flop director as of now. He now has two projects in the pipeline but no takers . His career at risk in do or die situation as nobody willing to connect to his narration . A film with Mahesh Babu under Boorugupalli Sivaramakrishna’s production and a film with Charan under K.L.Narayana’s production. Mahesh Babu’s film was supposed to start earlier but reports indicate that Mahesh has not yet approved the story Boyapati narrated. Apparently, he asked for some changes in the script to suit his image and body language. So Boyapati has started working on making a few changes.

In the meantime, it is being said that the same story-line was narrated to Charan and he has expressed his interest in the concept. So now it remains to be seen if Boyapati will use this story without changes for Charan or adapt it for Mahesh Babu. Once this is finalized, he will develop a second story for the other project. If Ram Charan  also rejects then Boyapati’s name in the industry will fall into dustbin. Lets see who will connect with him  and accept his film.