Boyapati clarification on Dammu dialogues

Boyapati Srinu is a happy man. His latest film, “Dammu” starring NTR, Trisha and Karthika is doing well at the box-office, despite the mixed reviews and the political controversy surrounding NTR Jr. “NTR has worked hard for this movie and is very dedicated.

And it shows in the film. He has emoted brilliantly for his character which has three shades,” says Boyapati.
The director recalls having an exciting and challenging time during the film’s shoot. “Some of the action scenes were risky. We canned an action scene in a canal in Kerala in rapid flowing water and it took days to film the small scene. Another challenge was shooting a song with 72 artistes. Co-ordinating with all of them and completing the song was quite a task,” he says.
The director has made quite a buzz for the violence and politically charged dialogues in his movies. “The scenes are just part of the script and are not too violent. Even the dialogues are written to suit the story’s demands. They are not particularly targeting anyone,” he clarifies.