Boyapati behaviour is Cheap and Arrogant : Posani

posaniActor Posani Krishna Murali known for his controversial remarks, What he calls it Frankness. Posani made some personal remarks against director Boyapati Srinu.

In a TV program, Actor Posani said, Boyapati Srinu hails from a very poor family, He was the person who gave him life in the Tollywood industry by recommending him as assistant director to director Mutyala Subbayya.

Posani said, “After my debutant directorial film Sravana Masam failed at Boxoffice, Boyapati came to his house and expressed fake sympathy before my wife saying that I was not talented enough to direct a film and also asked how our family will manage to pay for insurance, driver and other maintenance expenses ?”.

Posani added, Boyapati behavior was cheap and arrogant. We will have to wait and see what could be Boyapati’s reaction ?.