Boyapati admits Dammu is flop

As an old saying goes, Good gold always glitters by itself, its just the bad one needs huge marketing, Boyapati’s overaction even after delivering a senseless product is driving everyonecrazy.Barring the interval scene, movie is nothing more than a dud.Logic less narration, headless violence,cheap comic timing and pointless romantic scenes proved Boyapati is nothing but a amateur and incomplete director.

The recent success meet has become a talk of the town.Boyapati’s detailed explanation and boasting about his directorial abilities and logicalconnections has become comedy of the hour.The way he is offering the explanation itself is a big proof to say that he clearly understood that movie is not going well with majority of the sensible audience.He went on to not just explain the story and even tried to justify each scene (when noone questioned him about them).

“What does he think of himself.He should understand he is nothing more than B grade director.His words in the pressmeet exemplifies how a man with combination of both amateurity+overconfidence will shape into.He said that if he decides to scare audience with bloodshed, no one will remain in theater.May be that is true, but that is never a compliment for a director, it is a pure self-insult.He better understand it as early as possible.” said a critic.