Bosta secret nexus revealed

Botsa Satyanarayana who is PCC chief is slowly making moves that can project him as a super-power in the state by 2014 general elections. For this he needs the support of media a lot and here is an insider report revealing his secret nexus with top Telugu news channels.
There is already strong smoke from film industry that, Bosta was behind Bandla ganesh and they had produced several movies so far. Bosta & his shadow becoming strong force in telugu film circuit too.
There are more than 23 channels in Telugu circuit, of which four or five channels stand in the top spot. It is now heard that Botsa Satyanarayana is investing considerable amounts to buy stakes in these channels. His brother is making deals with a couple of channels already and if the deal is on, those channels might change the face of Botsa in AP politics. He can rule the politics and plant his own stories to get a popular image at the same time if congress comes again to power in 2014 he might get a chance to became Chief Minister showing some fake planted surveys on TV . Already he is having stakes in local cable networks like Siti Vision (Hyderabad) and Satya Cable Network (Vizianagaram), while this will be a major leap for him.