Bollywood’s badman to Tollywood

Gulshan Grover, who will be seen in the Tollywood film, April Fool. He is also preparing to play M.F. Husain in the upcomingSuper se Upar.

“It is not his biography. The character has his traces and mannerisms… I play an artist sporting a white, long beard, walking barefoot like the late M.F. Husain. I have met him many times… such a humble human being.”

The actor was in Hyderabad for April Fool duties. He plays the Tollywood Anna with a twist. “It’s a maddening film as the name suggests. A hero is born on April Fool’s day and nobody takes him seriously. And I get to play the wackiest, craziest and funniest villain.”

Bad Man’s first outing in a multi-lingual film was with the Nagarjuna-starrer Criminal, which was a big hit.

He could also not help but imitate Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh’s trademark styles while explaining how proud he is to play villain.