Bollywood unable to digest Tollywood Sridevi

Tollywood is going gaga over yesteryear heroine Sridevi for her every move at the recent functions of tinsel town. But this is not sounding good for our neighboring B-town. Check out the reasons, why?

All the time while addressing this ex-heroine, the whole of south tinsel towns keep yelling the tag ‘Athiloka Sundari’. In fact this particular addressing is not understood and digested by the Bollywood folks. They say that Sridevi looks completely worn out with weakened skin glow and pale face, but how she is being addressed as ‘angel’. More than her, the likes of  Hema Maliniand Rekha look much youthful and they are also from South only.

May be the T-towners are trying to flat Sridevi again with their praising talks in order to make her part of their film projects. Because the craze a project can get with her presence cannot be described in words. Otherwise there is no point in calling her ‘angel’ now, feels a Bollywood lover.