Body of Hyderabadi lies in a London morgue

Five days after a 69-year-old Jubilee Hills resident died of a cardiac arrest on a British Airways flight to London, his body is still lying in a London morgue, with the airline shrugging off all responsibilities of flying it back, the family has alleged. Kolli Purnachandra Chandra Rao, a former general manager of NTR property Ram Krishna Theatre, suffered a cardiac arrest while travelling by British Airways flight BA0276 to London on June 7 to attend his grandson’s graduation ceremony. Pronounced dead after the flight landed in Ukraine, the body was flown to London’s Heathrow Airport.

The victim’s son-in-law, Mr Ishwar Rao, said: “British Airways (BA) took control of the body and assured us that it will be flown back to Hyderabad. Initially, they said they would let us fly back with the body but an hour before departure officials said some legal formalities were still to be completed. According to Mr Ishwar Rao, BA officials took his father-in-law’s passport and told the family that they would take care of the remaining formalities. “But five days on, we are yet to receive the body. The family members are, meanwhile, distraught at this double agony,” he said.